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I hope this makes some of you in a better mood. Because I’m feeling quite over the day. But this helps a bit. 

This post makes me want a duck.

just an add on to the anon about Josh and Dave, Dave once brought Josh backstage with him at a Nirvana show and introduced him to Josh and when he said "kurt this is josh, he's in kyuss!!" kurt just went "pfft"

not impressed, huh.

typical kurt.

thanks                                                               all the best,


do you know if Kurt liked the urinals? they are similar to the wipers & scratch acid

hard to say….their big heyday was when kurt was 15 or  so….

never heard anything about it….

thanks                                                           all the best,


I feel depressed about Kurt again. I'm afraid he's not in heaven.

I believe he made it to Heaven, paradise or nirvana.

kurt was kind, sweet.  he had his moments, but don’t we all.

he liked the Buddhist philosophy, but he never chanted….or read up on it.

the joke was , along with the Jains….he got most of his info from documentaries!

he had crosses, crucifixes, and religious statues throughout his homes…

who  really knows what kurt believed…..courtney states that she and kurt prayed together every night. 

so I believe he made the cut.  

thanks                                                                    all the best,


is michael graves from the misfits a big kurt cobain fan?

very much a fan

thanks                                                                       all the best,


would you divorce your husband ifffff it meant kurt was still alive?

no.   in the day, I would have been there in one second flat.

if kurt was alive today   (wouldn’t that be grand, if he was well, and happy)

I like to think, we could be friends.  it’s a nice thought, anyway.

thanks                                                             all the best,


Is there a "grunge" band that you don't like?

the only band I didn’t like in the 90’s was Pearl Jam.

and I actually have come to like them since.

sort of like Pink Floyd…used to not like them at all… I do.

thanks                                                              all the best,


If he is Buddhist then how is he in heaven?

how to explain this…….

you can follow the buddhist example…..and be a christian.

yeah, I know that some Catholics say not…….but as far as kurt just CHOSE buddhism…and that from a documentary…..LOL

I think there were facets of it he liked.  but then, he had crosses in every place he ever lived….and religious statues.  very Catholic oriented there!

I have no doubt kurt “made the cut” and is in Heaven, paradise, or nirvana.

he was a great guy, kind, sweet. he was a mess also.

thanks                                                                 all the best,


Did Kurt ever meet daniel johnston?

no, they never met .

kurt liked his music though…and of course wore the “hi, how are you”

tee all the time.

thanks                                                                         all the best,


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