It's me again, I just woke up but I wanted to tell you I had a dream about kurt last night. I was sitting in the library in my school and he sat down and said hey little sister and asked what I was reading. I asked if he was really there and he just gave me a hug. It felt so real Phin. I could smell him and feel his clothes. He said I was going to be fine and when I woke up I felt like I was. Do you think it was real Phin? I'm still scared but I feel a little more calm now.

I saw this after I read about your mom throwing all your stuff out.

somehow kurt just knows when to show up.

again, “stuff” can be replaced.    hang in there.

con’t good thoughts and prayers                                 all the best,


Phin I thought today was going to be better cause I had a dream that kurt visited me last night, but this morning I went home with my social worker to get some of my stuff and my mom threw out my things! I don't have any pictures of my dad now and she got rid of all my Nirvana books and vinyls and stuff, and my clothes, most of them are gone. How can she do that?? Phin I need my pictures of my dad! They were the only ones I had. I want my daddy so bad! And my kitty is gone. I want my dad.

you have pictures of your dad.  in your mind.

no one can get those.  remember, I lost all my pictures in a fire.  my wedding pictures, all my daughter’s baby pictures.  irreplaceable. but I still have them in my mind.

this only made your mom look ignorant in the eyes of the social worker.

really, it did.    the NIRVANA stuff can be replaced.   clothes can be re bought.    take my word for it.  most of my stuff had to be after the fire.

this is going to get ugly………be strong.    and stay away from that house!

thank God the social worker went with you.

seems your  “mom”   or rather biological mother……made her choice.

she’s backing your brother.       fine,  shake the dust off your feet.

let her keep him.

"stuff" is important,  very true.  but YOU are more important by far.

what did the social worker say?


It’s Wednesdave oooooooh yeeeeeeeeah!


It’s Wednesdave oooooooh yeeeeeeeeah!

I personally think he was a high baritone.

I personally think he was a high baritone.

To that other anon- You did nothing wrong. Phin's been saying it all along. You can do it. You can survive. You need time to heal. You are loved. Cherished. I know your Daddy would want you to keep going. You're allowed to be upset and don't you dare think otherwise. These people HURT YOU. They don't deserve another BLINK of yours in their direction. You can do it, I know you can. I know it's scary. But you need to try and be brave. You're a wonderful person and nobody can take that away.

thank you!

Can I just promise you I'll wait to see what happens tomorrow before I make a decision? I can't think about more than tomorrow, I just can't. And yeah... I guess I don't have any family now do I? No more mom or brother or dad. Just tiny me. I'll get to tomorrow, and between now and morning you and kurt can be my family?

of course dear.    perhaps kurt will visit tonight in your dreams.

I hope so.   it seems he picks when people really need him in their dreams. you have me, and plenty of others here….all thinking of you tonight/today

really… aren’t alone.  hang in there.

take it one day at a time.   that’s all you can do.

that’s all I could think about when i almost did suicide……just one day….

and the days added up.

hugs girlfriend.   you will be fine. you are strong. 

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