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OMG——on may 21st…..the blog had 1600 followers….on the 29th, 1705.

 june 5….1802.   

today, july 1st……the blog broke 2000

  thanks everyone…..I am very humbled by this.

I don’t post the numbers to boast….I post them so everyone knows how many fans NIRVANA still has!

I started the blog to honor kurt’s memory (and NIRVANA) after leland cobain wrote me that I was “kurt’s good friend”…..

it exists for that reason…..and for all the kurt cobain/NIRVANA fans out there..

I am floored by the success of the blog…..I am a computer illiterate at best…..course the subject matter helps! 

again, thanks everyone. Very much……I would hope kurt would be pleased, or at least not embarassed.

I miss him everyday.  

all the best,                                 


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